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Our Story

We are a company built by industry insiders from the ground up . Frustrated by false vendor claims of open systems. We seek to disrupt the selection, procurement, and implementation of operating technology.  

Our Vision

"Our business exists to represent  building owners and operators interests. Helping them to navigate the business, technology and development landscape surrounding new operating technologies"


“Owners will be able to extract greater value, ensure scalability and meet broader objectives by selecting and developing upon the best possible X-over technology."


How it works

What you have? 

The first thing is to determine how much access you have to the technology you own. Do you have administrative privileges? Do you have the engineering tools? What about an API? Are the application servers backed up? up to date? secure?  

What you should have

We work with you and your vendors to unlock your systems  hidden value. This is the hard part. We are disrupting their current business model keeping them in the drivers seat.  It is likely they will kick and scream as we work our way through this  process but when its done good vendors will grow into great partners.   

The Business Times

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