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Introducing BraiNDM
The Brainstorm Neural Diffusion Model


Brain Storm Neural Diffusion Model is an AI model built specifically to facilitate the brainstorming process of built space designers. This is a local Stable Diffusion model built by and for the members of the Building Operation X working group. It is the vision of the group to make it available free of charge for licensed use by members. Automated tools are currently under development to produce presentation materials automatically through a guided completion of the 6 step process below. Join one of our virtual sessions to find out how you can participate.






Refine the selected imagery developed during the brainstorm process. Here is where we add materials, details, style, dimension and more. 



Layout an array of nuanced design variations. An envisioned review of refined images ready for the proofing process. A collaborative exercise with your team and clients.



Additional AI tools are used to upscale and post process the selected inspiration. In about an hour your ideas are ready for presentations, sales materials, vendors or the CAD design team. 




**The images above were built by a single member of our team, using a locally run AI diffusion model. A POC was delivered to our client in under 1 hour. Our team member has no formal design training and the entire delivery created hundreds of unique images that were presented to our client.    

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In just the last few months there have been amazing breakthroughs in the development of opensource AI code and AI models available in the public domain. The time is now for architects and designers to adopt AI and build their skills and knowledge for the future. Developing your understanding of the AI revolution is the only way you win. Going at it alone is futile. Adopting, testing and building upon both open source frameworks and proprietary tools will empower your team to embrace what is coming next.       Building Operation X is a collaborative workspace where Architects and Designers can come together to work on Implementing AI into their workflow. Where you learn how to adopt AI tools into your design projects, concepts and ideas and bring the power of AI to your firm and your clients. The space provides tutorials and information to get the mind juices flowing. We provide weekly guided sessions, bi weekly in person meetups and a range of resources and tools. A place to develop and test ideas, discuss use cases as well as a connect with a supportive and inclusive community of fellow designers who can provide feedback, advice, and inspiration. The goal of such a space would be to create a friendly and supportive environment where designers can feel free to explore new ideas, try out different approaches, and work collaboratively to push the adoption of AI in building design forward.

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